Over 38 families in Armenia have harvested over 40,000 trees, increasing their family income by an average of over 30%.

The Backyard Nurseries Program (BYN) enables village residents to create income from their existing assets, which usually include parcels of productive agricultural land. ATP provides 1,200-1,500 seedlings to these families who care for and grow them over a two-three year period. ATP staff trains the landowners, supervises the planting, and monitors the site throughout the process. Once trees reach harvesting stage, ATP pays the Backyard Nursery owner for those trees that are ready to be replanted in a community site. These families then begin the nursery cycle again with a new crop of7 trees.

How Armenian Villagers Are Using Trees

The approximate average income for a family in these remote villages is less than $200 per month, according to interviews conducted by ATP. Often, families live off the produce of their land, or receive a modest pension or children's allowance from the government.

The BYN program allows them to almost double their income, giving them more financial stability and, in many cases, helping them to avoid leaving the country for work.

ATP created the BYN Program as a way to increase their overall tree yield and offer remote villagers economic opportunity.


Backyard Nursery Sponsors will receive reports from the family throughout the year with updates on the progress and results of their support.

Sponsorship Level

$1,000/yr for two years

Number Of Seedlings Per Nursery


Nursery Time Period

2-3 years

Expected Tree Yield


"BYN rewards family farmers for good work, when we pay for trees that have been well cared for. The program received an Energy Globe Award at the European Parliament because of this program's positive impact on the three aspects of sustainability: people, profit & planet.”

-- Arthur Harutyunyan
ATP Operations Manager


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