Backyard Nurseries
$2,000 Sponsorship for 2 Years

The Backyard Nursery Program (BYN) enables village residents to capitalize on their land assets by becoming tree-growers for ATP. With the guidance, training and oversight of ATP staff, each backyard nursery has the capacity to grow between 1,500 and 2,000 trees. ATP uses these trees throughout their Forestry and CTP programs. Family farmers are compensated for a healthy harvest; a family increases their income by 30% on average for each harvest that is successful.

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Sponsors a Backyard Nursery for a 2-year planting period.


Paid each year for a 2-year planting period.

By sponsoring a Backyard Nursery, you’ll be participating in the growing of trees while creating a sustainable income source for village families. Each BYN sponsor is paired with a family in Armenia who is growing and caring for seedlings in their backyard. Sponsors will receive an annual update from the family throughout the year