ATP has developed over 1,300 Community
Planting sites in Armenia and Artsakh and
over 100 have been sponsored by donors.

Sustaining communities is at the heart of Armenia Tree Project’s signature tree planting program. Whether greening a public site or improving the quality of life for an entire village, ATP’s carefully designed approach interconnects the education, awareness, and economic empowerment that is vital to environmental sustainability and healthy living.

So, how does your tree
planting program work?


Response and Discovery

ATP’s office receives dozens of requests to plant in communities across Armenia. Our agricultural experts visit the potential site to assess the soil and water conditions, and decide the optimal types and number of trees to achieve ecological balance, harvest potential, and beautification of the area.

Check out ATP’s Six Criteria
for a Community Planting Site

Master Planning

Once a site is decided upon, ATP staff outline the necessary budget, resourcing and timeline to complete the site, which is typically between 1.5-3 years. Initially, only 30% of the trees are planted and then evaluated before the site is completed.

Community Training

Once a site has been planted, ATP meets with villagers to educate them on how to fertilize and care for the trees, and to distribute fruit trees for their ownership. Routine visitation to the site by ATP monitors is ongoing.

Sponsor a Community Site


Village and City Greening

One of our biggest concerns for the security of Armenia is the wellbeing and prosperity of its village communities, especially those situated near or on the borders. ATP has targeted the most vulnerable communities with the most need for greenery. The focus and attention that is given to these areas not only helps our trees to grow and flourish but also creates a stronger bond between the inhabitants and the land they live on..

Environmental Stewardship

AT ATP we aim to protect the environment and advocate responsible, sustainable practices. It is a well known fact that most households in Armenia, especially in villages, are still heated with firewood. The chopping of logs in order to survive the cold winters or the purchasing of wood from unknown sources are activities that threaten Armenia’s environment and sustainability.

Fruit Harvesting

Local food security and a healthy source of nutrition are among the many benefits our trees have to offer. Over 9,330,000 lbs of fruit have been harvested from ATP’s planting sites since 1994, benefiting communities across Armenia..


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