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Help sustain Armenia’s environment and its communities

Here are some examples of how your gift will help.


Supports the planting of trees in Armenia and Artsakh.


Supports the container planting program at ATP nurseries.


Provides scholarship for a child to attend EcoCamp in Armenia.


Provides a teacher with an environmental education training kit and curriculum year-long.


Provides seasonal employment to an ATP worker.


Sponsors a Backyard Nursery that yield up to 1,500 trees and increase a family’s income by 30%.


transforms a community area into a natural and accessible space for villagers and their families.


revitalizes an entire community by greening a village or city while sustaining its natural ecosystem

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Minimum donation for a certificate is $25.

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Your support is vital to keeping Armenia Green with sustainable resources. Gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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Minimum donation for a certificate is $25

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