Armenia Tree Project has reached over
45,000 students and teachers in over 500
schools in Armenia through its classes and

Our Environmental Education Approach

In Armenia, changing behavior and attitudes toward the environment begins with the School Teacher as the gateway, then makes its way outside the classroom through projects that change the entire community.

Watch this clip to understand the full cycle
of our Environmental Education Program.

Eco-Clubs and Camps

The most passionate students give birth to Eco Clubs, which is followed by launching projects in their communities. Armenia Tree project has established and supports 18 Eco Clubs in Armenia.

Teacher Training

ATP initiated teacher training in 2005 based upon the “Plant an Idea, Plant a Tree” teacher’s manual. ATP has witnessed increasing evidence that the teacher is a major catalyst in changing attitudes and behaviors, and strengthening a community’s capacity for growth.

Capacity Building and Community Strengthening

Student-led environmental projects help the school and community become more effective at achieving environmental goals.

Classes and Student Projects

With guidance from informed and trained teachers, student groups engage in projects and research.


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