14 Apr, 2021


In alignment with our goals to improve  the living standards of the Armenian people through tree planting and environmental preservation, Armenia Tree Project is expanding its reach into the agricultural market. ATP now grows and sells quality planting material in its nurseries for the development of horticulture in Armenia. All proceeds from these sales will directly benefit  ATP’s charitable programs, which include community-tree plantings and forestry development.


ATP offers wholesale and retail sales of seedlings in Armenia. Directly from the organization’s four nurseries, you can now purchase a variety of small and large fruit trees, evergreens, ornamental trees and shrubs. Buyers will also have exclusive access to free tree care advice from our specialists and receive bulk discounts in the case of wholesale purchases.

The organization's four nurseries are located in the following communities: Lori - Margahovit, Vayots Dzor - Chiva, Aragatsotn - Karin, and Ararat - Khachpar.  The nurseries have been strategically placed in different climatic zones to cultivate seedlings that are indigenous to the unique growing requirements of each area. Only the highest quality of  local tree varieties are used. ATP also offers dwarf fruit tree species, which yield more fruit in relatively less time. They do not grow very tall or large, hence the term “dwarf”, and take up less space in fields. For these reasons, it is easier and advantageous for farmers to work with them.

Moreover, ATP’s s nurseries are equipped with modern technologies such as drip irrigation systems to ensure quality in all its productions. Systems to protect from pests and different elements are widely implemented as well.

Click here to view ATP’s tree catalogue. 

For information on the sale of seedlings please call 010 447401/02.