15 Sep, 2018

How to Clean Up Armenia in One Day?

World Cleanup Day Expected to Attract up to 100,000 Participants in Armenia

September 15, 2018 is declared as World Cleanup Day. One-hundred-fifty countries have already joined the movement: USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Jordan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Australia, and others. This year Armenia will take part in the initiative!

How to cleanup Armenia in one day?

Ten years ago, Rainer Nolvak, an entrepreneur from Estonia, gathered four friends and suggested that they try to clean up the whole country from illegal waste. The idea seemed insane, but on May 3, 2008, 50,000 people came to the streets. The action grew into a large volunteer movement, which initially operated only in Estonia, but this year it is aimed to clean up the entire Earth.

World Cleanup Day Armenia was initiated by a team of volunteers from IDeA Foundation. A number of important partners joined during the first month: Armenia Tree Project (ATP), WWF Armenia, and the Ministry of Nature Protection.

It is expected that up to 100,000 people will unite all over Armenia to clean the streets and environment of illegal waste. Every day, new partners join the movement, including: Dilijan Community Center, Re-Apaga, UWC Dilijan, Proper Company, Ameriabank, Triclub Yerevan, Repat Armenia, FAST Foundation, Aurora Baréalisse Marketing and Branding Agency, Sanitek Armenia, Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development, Ministry of Education and Science, US Peace Corps, UNDP in Armenia, the US Embassy’s Yerevan Green Team, and others.

World Cleanup Day in Armenia differs from the international one as it is not going to be just a one-off event--it will become a starting point to change the approach to waste and to form a new habit of living in a clean country.