26 Oct, 2018

Meet Our Ambassadors

Deirbadrossian Family Take Support of ATP to Another Level

Meet our Ambassadors the Deirbadrossian Family

By Jason Sohigian

The Deirbadrossians have taken support for ATP to another level. They volunteered at events in Los Angeles, planted trees during visits to Armenia, and have even hosted a benefit reception at their home. Beyond that, their son Peter played the lead role in our Building Bridges film “Something New” about reducing waste and recycling that was even filmed in their home!

Peter and his sister Nanor are regular volunteers at ATP’s informational booth at the Navasartian Games and other festivals. Peter and Nanor planted trees during their high school trip to Armenia with the AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian High School, and they both performed at ATP’s last two fundraisers in Los Angeles.

“We got involved because ATP’s mission was different than other Armenian organizations,” explains Sevan. “To plant trees and provide job opportunities in a country that suffered all types of economic, natural, and political disasters seemed so strange yet impressive. It made us feel proud of our people, who, in spite of all the problems they face, are eager to work, take charge, and take care of our land.”

Sevan and her husband Hovig were born in Syria, and are the grandchildren of Armenian Genocide survivors. “We grew up in Syria, but our eyes, hearts, and minds were always directed to Armenia,” says Sevan. “We are both active in the community. We were born in the Diaspora, which meant we needed to stay connected to our homeland, even though we didn’t live there.”

Sevan reflected on how they wanted their children to also be actively involved in the Armenian community. “Being part of the Diaspora, they should always be connected with their Armenian roots and Armenian identity,” she adds. “ATP gave my children the opportunity to volunteer, and these projects were the greatest way to connect with our homeland.”