15 Nov, 2019

Our Planet is Facing a Crisis, and You Have the Power to Make a Difference

By Jeanmarie Papelian, Executive Director

As we opened the inaugural Forest Summit at AUA last month, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan spoke these powerful words:

“We have the commitment and political will to protect and expand the forests in Armenia…I am confident that Armenia Tree Project will continue to contribute to our country’s sustainable development. We look forward to their participation in the implementation of a strategic plan to double Armenia’s forest cover by 2050!”

The conference was well attended and had enthusiastic support from a wide range of stakeholders in Armenia and beyond, from local activists to forestry professionals at the local, regional, and international level. The event was unprecedented in many ways, especially for the level of participation and commitment to work together expressed by everyone involved.

It seems that a corner has been turned in the wake of the Velvet Revolution, and that we will see renewed efforts to protect and expand Armenia’s forest cover. Of course, ATP will play a major role, so I am reaching out to request your support for our tree planting, environmental education, and job creation programs.

In addition to the Summit, what else have we been up to? Well, I’m proud to announce that this fall, we planted our six millionth tree in Armenia! It’s a huge accomplishment and we are excited beyond belief to share this news with you.

The trees we plant provide so many benefits, including fruit and nuts for food security, much-needed shade in hot summers, air purification and removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and providing jobs for people who grow, plant, and monitor the trees we are planting. Trees also help attract and purify our freshwater, protect our precious topsoil, and provide natural beauty in support of Armenia’s booming tourist industry.

Your contribution makes all of this possible so that Armenia is more clean, green, and secure. We kicked off the celebration of ATP’s 25th anniversary in the spring and we’ve been traveling to events all over the country, from house parties to video presentations at schools and churches. The community is energized by what we’ve been able to accomplish together and we want to keep up the momentum into 2020.

Stay tuned as we plan additional events in cities and towns in North America, and other countries where we have volunteer ambassadors to host us. If I haven’t been to your city, feel free to reach out and we can plan something together. We are all about partnerships and collaboration, so get involved.

This year we’ve been raising funds for a group of programs curated especially for the 25th anniversary. Here are some of the ways you can get involved with a donation:

• Support our new Forestry Fund (gifts at any level) • Sponsor a Community Tree Planting site (gifts starting at $7,500)
• Sponsor a planting bed at our Karin Nursery (gifts starting at $5,000)
• Support a Backyard Nursery family ($1,000 per year over two years)
• Support the operating costs of our programs in Armenia (gifts at any level)

We’ve just completed our 2020 calendar, which highlights our ever popular “before and after” photos from our flagship Community Tree Planting program. Some of these sites have been planted 20-25 years ago and they show the progress that can be made with patience, expertise, and follow through that ATP has demonstrated over the past 25 years.

The current photos were taken by Winslow Martin, and I will send you a copy of the calendar as a token of appreciation for your donation of $100 or more. Thank you for your time and consideration, and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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