04 Mar, 2020

Thank You for Investing in Our Work, Celebrating Our Accomplishments, and Helping Us Protect Armenia

By Jeanmarie Papelian, Executive Director

It’s an exciting time to be an environmentalist in Armenia! ATP had a busy year in 2019. We kicked off our 25th anniversary celebrations, planted our six millionth tree, and hosted forestry experts from near and far for the inaugural Forest Summit: Global Action and Armenia with our friends at American University of Armenia.

As you’ll see in our Annual Report, our work is about so much more than just planting trees! ATP uses trees to help Armenians improve their standard of living. We sustain Armenia’s environment by ensuring a high survival rate of the trees we plant while enriching the soil, water, air quality, and harvests.

We empower Armenians by providing economic independence through employment and enterprise opportunities. We teach students all over Armenia and the Diaspora to build awareness about healthy trees and preservation and the role of individual and community in the environment.

Armenia’s government has committed to doubling the country’s forest cover over the next 30 years. This is an ambitious goal. Experts at the Forest Summit agreed, the key to success is involving the local community through programs such as ATP’s Community Tree Planting and Backyard Nurseries. ATP will support the 30-year reforestation plan by continuing to plant healthy indigenous trees grown in our nurseries and offering our expertise and advice to ensure high survival rates.

You can participate, too! Please include ATP in your itinerary when you visit Armenia, and plant a tree with us.

We enjoyed celebrating our 25th anniversary with friends around the country in 2019. The celebrations will continue this year. If you’d like us to visit your community to share our success stories, please contact us.