26 Jun, 2020

Adapting To Changes

Written by Jeanmarie Papelian, Executive Director 

Welcome to ATP’s first online-only edition of Trees For Life. In the previous edition of this newsletter, I wrote that we were looking forward to meeting our supporters and celebrating ATP’s 25th anniversary this spring and summer at communities, churches, and schools all over North America. So much has changed since then.

Like you, we're trying our best to navigate through these difficult days with caution, safety, and compassion. We’re also actively working to avoid future crises, particularly climate change. We know that ATP can use its expertise to mitigate the effects of climate change, by improving the environment and assisting those in Armenia with the fewest resources. By providing employment opportunities during these difficult times, we’re not only helping the environment, we’re also helping individuals to support their families.

ATP’s important work in Armenia has continued with few interruptions. In fact, we’re on track to plant more trees in 2020 than we’ve planted in any prior year. Our staff of 70 employees in Armenia is managing our four nurseries and planting trees all over the country, with the help of more than 150 temporary workers.

By now you’ve probably noticed that our Environmental Education team has pivoted to provide a wide variety of resources for teachers and students online, in both English and Armenian. In a typical year, we interact with thousands of students in Armenia and the Diaspora. Last year, the Ohanian Environmental Education Centers in Karin and Margahovit hosted nearly 5,000 students, and we visited about 100 schools in North America. We miss seeing our young environmentalist friends in person, but we hope they’re enjoying our lessons and activities.

As always, thank you for your support. We wish you the best of health.

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