14 Jul, 2020

White Paper - Forest Summit: Global Action and Armenia

On behalf of Armenia Tree Project and the Acopian Center for the Environment, we are pleased to present the attached White Paper.

This document summarizes and analyzes the valuable discussions held at last year’s Forest Summit. Although as a summary it cannot capture all of the energy and detailed conversations which took place, it will serve as a blueprint of sorts for Armenia’s pursuit of its reforestation goals over the next 30 years.

It was remarkable to assemble so many thought leaders for an exchange of ideas which will benefit not only Armenia but the global environment.

We are grateful to all participants, panelists, speakers and sponsors for enabling this historic gathering. It’s been exciting to see some of the ideas grow into action in the months since we met in Yerevan, and we look forward to continuing the discussion and the work as we strive towards our common goal. 

We welcome your ideas and feedback, and thank you for your commitment to a green Armenia.


Alen Amirkhanian and Jeanmarie Papelian