22 Apr, 2019

Armenia Tree Project to Bring its Tree-Planting Mission to Boston

Founder Carolyn Mugar and Forestry Manager Navasard Dadyan (right) survey grounds in one of Armenia's villages for the additional planting of trees

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the non-profit will contribute funds and trees to Boston’s Dorchester Park
WOBURN, MA--In recognition of its 25th anniversary, Armenia Tree Project (ATP) is proud to spread its tree-planting mission to Boston with a ceremonial tree planting at Dorchester Park. In planting and restoring more than 5.7 million trees in Armenia since 1994, the group has fostered economic and social development in Armenia through creating jobs and improving the tree population. The planting of trees in Dorchester Park reflects ATP’s commitment to tree populations worldwide, and Greater Boston’s large Armenian population, one of the world’s largest.
Held on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 11:00 a.m., media members will see four white oak trees and three cherry trees be planted in Boston’s Dorchester Park. The planting will be done in partnership with Armenia Tree Project, the City of Boston, and Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department.
“As we look at the effects of climate change and our responsibility to help combat it, there is no time like the present to plant more trees here in Boston,” said Christopher Cook Chief of Enviornment, Energy, and Open Space for the City of Boston. “Both near and far, we can all make small contributions to affect a big change, and we thank Armenia Tree Project for contributing to our mission.”
To accompany the planting of seven trees, a friend of Armenia Tree Project will donate $2,000 to the Dorchester Park Association, which will help care for the trees in the park as they grow. The contribution is also reflective of ATP’s three main initiatives: Planting trees in urban and rural locations, environmental education, and sustainable development and poverty reduction.
“We have seen the positive difference that comes from the planting of just one tree, and the economic and ecological improvement that come from planting many,” said Carolyn Mugar, founder of Armenia Tree Project. “With these trees taking root in Boston in May, we’re thrilled to share our mission and our passion with a region that so many Armenians call home.”
The tree planting is a media-specific opportunity, and is one of several events ATP has planned to celebrate its 25th anniversary. In October, ATP will host an inaugural conference in Yerevan for local, regional, and global leaders in forest restoration. Forest Summit: Global Action and Armenia, will take place at American University of Armenia’s Acopian Center for the Environment from October 20-23, 2019.
“In this celebratory year for Armenia Tree Project, we are thrilled to connect our mission with one of our strongest Armenian diaspora communities,” said Jeanmarie Papelian, executive director of Armenia Tree Project. “With each tree, each event, and each contribution, our programming and mission only grows stronger.”
Also in the fall, the organization will celebrate the planting of its six millionth tree in Armenia. 

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