19 Sep, 2019

Forestry experts from five continents heading to Armenia for Inaugural Forestry Conference in October

One of the Green Belt Movement's tree nurseries in Kenya; the organization's founder, the late Wangari Maathai, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004

As Armenia affirms its commitment to double its forest cover by 2050, Armenia Tree Project (ATP) and the American University of Armenia (AUA) Acopian Center for the Environment are proud to announce additional speakers heading to October’s Forest Summit: Global Action and Armenia.

The event features education, dialogue, and networking among the leading minds in forestry from Sunday, October 20 through Wednesday, October 23. The keynote address at the inaugural summit will be delivered by Dr. Anthony S. Davis, dean and professor at the College of Forestry at Oregon State University, which is recognized as one of the world’s leading forestry research, teaching, and extension institutions. 

Joining Dr. Davis will be Dr. Glenn Bush, an environmental economist at Woods Hole Research Center, Dr. Omri Bonneh, Chief Forester at KKL-JNF, Israel's largest afforestation organization; Dr. Maya Nehme, Executive Director of the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative; David Mathenge from the Green Belt Movement - an organization whose founder won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for their activism and reforestation work in Kenya; and Carmen Arguello of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization's Green Climate Fund.

“These speakers bring insights from forestry across five continents, and the partnerships, innovations, and practices needed to foster their continued growth,” states ATP’s Deputy Director Jason Sohigian. “Armenia serves as a fitting host for this inaugural conference. Our NGO, for example, has planted nearly six million trees in Armenia since 1994. As scientific research has shown, trees and forests deliver benefits to the environment and biodiversity, as well as the economy especially in rural areas.”

In addition to the insights and addresses from these talented speakers and panelists, the conference will provide field visits to tree planting sites in Armenia and to the beautiful Dilijan National Forest.  At its core, the conference will foster discussion and collaborative dialogue on the conservation and reforestation efforts much needed in Armenia and countries across the world.

For more information about the conference, AUA Acopian Center for the Environment, or Armenia Tree Project, please visit http://forestsummit.am.


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