People from all around the world raise
funds throughout the year to help protect
the environment of Armenia.

Supporters from all over the world have come forward to help sustain Armenia’s environment and empower its people to protect their land. Our Ambassadors want to improve the environmental conditions in Armenia and believe in raising funds to help ATP achieve its mission. Join our team and help us garner more support to protect Armenia’s natural ecosystem.
  • Host a fundraiser to inform and excite your local community about ATP’s initiatives
  • Garner support from friends and family and sponsor a Community Planting site or Backyard Nursery
  • Make your birthday an ATP fundraiser
  • Connect Building Bridges educational curriculum to your local school and youth group
  • Represent ATP at bazaars, picnics or other events in your community

Meet Anna Astvatsaturian


Armen Poladian
Cambridge Ontario

“I was beyond proud and humbled to have inspired a group of people to share my passion about ATP.”

In 2016, Armen dedicated his 25th birthday to ATP, asking friends and family to donate toward his goal of raising $2,000 to support the planting of 100 trees in Armenia. Armen met and surpassed his goal!

Stepan and Susan Piligian
Worcester, MA

“One of the most beloved aspects of ATP is that it supports the most fundamental expression of patriotism: the protection of the land, water and air we have been blessed with.”

Stepan and Susan have devoted significant funds towards greening Payrur Sevak Village

Sevan and Hovig Dirbadrossian
Glendale, CA

“We got involved because ATP’s mission is different. To plant trees and provide jobs in a country that suffered all types of economic, natural and political disasters is impressive.”

The entire Dirbadrossian family has volunteered with ATP for years and their son Peter starred in the 2014 ATP film Something New.

Steve Migridichian
Worcester, MA

“We enthusiastically support The Armenia Tree Project because the global benefits are multi-faceted; donors contribute to the economic, social and environmental fiber and prosperity of Armenia.”

Steve and his wife Debbie are longtime supporters of ATP and have been instrumental in outreach efforts in the Worcester, MA area. They’ve opened their home for a fundraising house party and invited ATP to present to community organizations they participate in.

Anna Astvatsaturian Turcotte
Westbrook, ME

Community activist Anna Astvatsaturian Turcotte pledged to raise $15,000 for this project. Anna is asking Armenians worldwide to donate in memory of the martyrs, in honor of friends or family who fled Azerbaijan, and to remember the history of the talented, successful, and often forgotten Armenians of Azerbaijan. The forest will be named in honor of the Armenians from Azerbaijan, in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the anti-Armenian pogroms in Baku. 

“Of all my humanitarian projects, this one is the most meaningful one to me. Together with Armenia Tree Project I've initiated a campaign to celebrate the survival and achievements of the Armenians from Azerbaijan. We will be planting a two hectare forest in Talin, Armenia to celebrate our community and memorialize the killed and the bulldozed over graves of our loved ones. This way we have a place to mourn and help Armenia simultaneously.”


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