Our Work

Throughout the past 25 years, Armenia Tree Project has mastered the art of growing and planting healthy trees in Armenia, and honed its ability to sustain and propagate the country’s natural resources.

ATP’s solution is holistic: both nature and people are integral forces that must work together
to create a sustainable, healthy and non-threatening environment.


Armenia Tree Project Celebrates 25 Years of Growth

20 Mar, 2019

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Illustrated Newsletter Brings Forests and Wildlife of Armenia to a Young Audience

05 Feb, 2018

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Sustainable Forest Management: Why ATP is Thinning the Hrant Dink Memorial Forest

14 Mar, 2019

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25 Years of Sustaining, Empowering, and Teaching

19 Mar, 2019

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Armenia Tree Project to Bring its Tree-Planting Mission to Boston

22 Apr, 2019

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Help Prevent Forest Fires

16 Aug, 2019

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